Top 2016 Super Bowl Commercials

Media Measurement

Overall, the Super Bowl 50 ads delivered over 7 billion TV impressions, 77 million online views across YouTube, Facebook and and had a social reach of approximately 3.9 billion social impressions across Facebook and Twitter.

Online Views: 77,526,684

TV Impressions: 5,929,508,440

Social Impressions: 3,368,628,685


The ads generated over 5.8 million social actions (tweets, shares, mentions, posts, likes, votes and comments), inspired close to 23 million organic views and successfully held the attention of viewers, with view rate data showing that the ads were watched, on average, 81% of the way through.

Avg. View Rate: 81%

Earned Views: 22,543,816

Social Actions: 5,195,017


Demographic data from Facebook and Twitter revealed that on average, social interactions came from a 46% women, 54% men breakdown with a primary age range of 35-44. Online sentiment towards the ads demonstrated that the average reaction to this year’s ads was overall 86% positive.

Primary Age: 35-44 (23%)

Gender: Female 44%   Male 56%

Sentiments: 86% Positive

Digital SOV: The percentage of Social Actions and Earned Views gene-rated by the spot compared to all others. This is the primary measurement used to rank the performance of the ads.
Social Impressions: The total impressions generated by Facebook posts and Tweets talking about the spot as estimated by the number of followers and friends of each poster.
Social Actions: The total tweets (shares & mentions); Facebook posts, likes, shares and comments; YouTube votes and comments; votes and comments.
Online Views: The total online plays tracked on YouTube, Facebook and, and including both earned and promoted views.
Earned Views: The est. number of views, out of the total Online Views, where a user made a conscious and explicit decision to view the spot.
Promoted Views: The est. number of online views, out of the total online views, where the view likely resulted from promoted activities by the spots within this spot, such as paid pre-rolls on spots for the selected criteria.
Average View Rate: The average view rate across all views of an ad. The average view rate is only calculated on impressions that are viewed from the beginning of the ad.
TV Impressions: The total impressions including paid and earned impressions (before, during and after the Super Bowl).
Live Impressions: A national ad which was viewed during live linear television broadcast.
Time-Shifted: A national ad which was viewed on delay, via DVR or on demand after the original broadcast.
Gender: The percentage of males vs. females that interacted with the spot online, as measured by tweets and Facebook posts.
Primary Age: The primary age group that interacted with the spot online, as measured by Facebook interactions.
Sentiment: The overall percentage of interactions that had a positive sentiment, as measured by the sentiment of Facebook posts and online video votes.