Super Bowl VIP Ad Center

Track the Brand Impact and Performance of Every Super Bowl Commercial in Real-Time

Marketers bring their best TV advertising to the Super Bowl stage. Get powerful insights into the brand impact and performance of each of this year’s big-game commercials. You’ll have access to real-time analytics on how every Super Bowl 55 ad creative is resonating.

Gain real-time insights into how long Super Bowl commercials are watched, total number of airings and overall spend.

Track TV impressions plus streaming and online views, revealing how many times spots were watched and re-watched online.

See the digital impact of Super Bowl commercials across Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and their share in the overall social chatter.

Drill down into age and gender demographic data, highlighting the segment that each Super Bowl ad resonated with most.

Assess the overall creative effectiveness and breakthrough capabilities of each ad.

Be the first to know exactly how viewers feel and what they think about each Super Bowl ad creative through cutting-edge emotional measurement technology.
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