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The latest Super Bowl LVIII TV Transparency Report from iSpot dives into the narratives behind the numbers, revealing every major takeaway from this year’s Big Game. From minute-by-minute ad viewership, to key moments and creative trends, and even Taylor Swift’s reach and frequency, the analysis covers it all. Plus, see a full ranking of the most likeable Super Bowl spots, along with historical context on different emotional reactions.

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This Week's Most-Seen Ads

  • Impressions 367.7M
  • Airings 2.6K
  • Estimated TV Spend $1.5M
  • Interruption Rate 1.67%
  • Attention Index 111
  • Impressions 357.1M
  • Airings 2.2K
  • Estimated TV Spend $1.7M
  • Interruption Rate 1.87%
  • Attention Index 108
  • Impressions 356.3M
  • Airings 2.1K
  • Estimated TV Spend $3.3M
  • Interruption Rate 3.42%
  • Attention Index 116

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