Top 2015 Super Bowl Teasers & Pre-Releases

In the time leading up to Super Bowl XLIX, advertisers have their own pregame show by pre-releasing previews, teasers and extended commercials. has ranked them all by online activity, online views, and estimated spend.


Budweiser: Lost Dog

The iconic Budweiser Clydesdales and their puppy companion will return in Super Bowl 2015. In the commercial titled "Lost Dog," the animals star in an emotional story of friendship. The Golden Retriever puppy gets lost. The horses find the lost puppy when it comes face-to-face with a wolf, rescuing it from potential danger and then leading it back home. "Lost Dog" is Budweiser's sequel to last year's successful Big Game commercial titled "Puppy Love." ...more

25.08% Online Activity
58,137,875 Online Views
2,208,442 Social Actions
$0 Est. TV Spend

T-Mobile: Kim's Data Stash

Kim Kardashian West mocks herself in T-Mobile's Super Bowl 2015 commercial. She explains that wireless companies are taking back millions of GBs in unused data each month. The data you paid for could have been used to see Kim Kardashian West's makeup, backhand, outfits, vacations and more. Sadly, they've all been lost. Help save the data by switching to T-Mobile. The un-carrier has Data Stash, which allows you to keep your unused data for up to a year. ...more

15.45% Online Activity
49,203,137 Online Views
94,878 Social Actions
$0 Est. TV Spend

Bud Light: Real Life PacMan #UpForWhatever

In Bud Light's Super Bowl XLIX ad, a local man is down for some old-school fun that starts him on the night of a lifetime. In this case, being Up for Whatever puts you in a life-size Pac-Man game. ...more

4.97% Online Activity
14,836,779 Online Views
176,885 Social Actions
$1,987,693 Est. TV Spend

Always: Like a Girl

In its Super Bowl 2015 commercial, Always asks "What does it mean to do something like a girl?" The answers vary depending on the age group. Those who were older demonstrated exaggerated, dainty behavior. When did doing something like a girl become an insult? Young girls demonstrated behavior of strength and speed. A girl's confidence does not have to plummet during puberty. Let's make #LikeAGirl mean amazing things. ...more

4.90% Online Activity
7,616,702 Online Views
682,792 Social Actions
$0 Est. TV Spend

McDonald's: Pay with Lovin

This February, McDonald's will be randomly accepting a new form of payment that's surprising its customers: paying with love. McDonald's appreciates its customers, and love as payment is all they need. ...more

4.06% Online Activity
5,754,214 Online Views
105,865 Social Actions
$1,001,707 Est. TV Spend

Snickers: The Brady Bunch

In the latest episode of "The Brady Bunch," Marcia, played by Danny Trejo, is upset. She was hit in the face with a football. She can't go to the dance with a Band-Aid on her nose. She threatens with "an eye for an eye." That's what dad always says. When she eats a Snickers, she goes back to her normal self. Steve Buscemi, who plays Jan, makes a surprise appearance in the Super Bowl 2015 Snickers commercial. ...more

3.82% Online Activity
11,287,629 Online Views
279,370 Social Actions
$3,817 Est. TV Spend

BMW: Newfangled Idea

It took Bryant Gumbel and Katie Couric a quick minute to understand the Internet when it was first introduced 21 years ago. The BMW i3 is a car with nothing under the hood, made with wind and carbon fiber that leaves the former Today Show hosts once more confounded. Watch for this commercial during Super Bowl XLIX February 1st, 2015 on NBC. ...more

3.34% Online Activity
7,577,059 Online Views
33,918 Social Actions
$0 Est. TV Spend

Doritos: What Could Go Wrong?

Ah, one of life's truly classic questions: "What could go wrong?" A man follows his heart onto the rooftop in hopes of striking a conversation with the hottie from down the hall. They dance as the sun sets on the horizon. She jumps into his waiting arms, he slips on his Doritos bag and ejects her headlong from the roof. And THAT is what can go wrong. Vote for your favorite Crash the Super Bowl finalist to see it play during Super Bowl XLIX. ...more

3.17% Online Activity
459,041 Online Views
13,923 Social Actions
$483 Est. TV Spend

Carl's Jr.: Au Naturel

In the Carl's Jr. Super Bowl XLIX commercial, GUESS model Charlotte McKinney walks through a farmers market seemingly nude. Melons and a streaming garden hose are strategically placed as she mentions how going all-natural makes her feel better. As Ted Nugent's song, "Stranglehold," plays in the background, she takes a big bite out of the All-Natural Burger with grass-fed beef. ...more

2.94% Online Activity
6,814,689 Online Views
31,155 Social Actions
$0 Est. TV Spend

Joyful Heart Foundation: 911 Delivery

Pictures are off the wall, poorly patched holes in the wall, disheveled furniture; a woman dials 911 under the guise of ordering a pizza amid a scene of domestic unrest. Watch the NO MORE Big Game commercial during Super Bowl XLIX February 1, 2015. ...more

2.91% Online Activity
12,927,488 Online Views
124,984 Social Actions
$32,371 Est. TV Spend

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