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Midseason NFL TV Ad Touchdowns & Takeaways

Inside the Report

NFL TV ad reach knows no bounds. Through the first eight weeks of the season, the hottest TV programming continued to grow its footprint with a 12% year-over-year increase in ad impressions for live linear national games. 

Capitalizing on the NFL’s broad reach comes with a hefty price tag. It takes game-changing creative and media strategies to maximize impact of ad placements during games. How are TV advertisers approaching NFL programming to drive brand awareness and business impact?

Get the Midseason NFL TV Ad Touchdowns & Takeaways report from iSpot to explore the biggest creative and media trends in football, and see why the NFL’s premium price tag pays off for brands.

Midseason NFL TV ad insights include:

  • 72% of the 100 most likeable football-themed TV ads connected with audiences using humor, with Snickers‘ “Rookie Mistake: Chefs” leading the pack. 
  • The Dallas Cowboys played in five of the top ten games by TV ad impressions — a hint to advertisers trying to maximize ad reach.
  • Across QSR, pizza and casual dining, brands use NFL games to drive immediate business outcomes.
  • Kansas City Chiefs’ Travis Kelce appeared in ads for six different brands, making him the most-seen spokesperson with 3% of all household TV ad impressions delivered during NFL games. 
  • Lululemon emphasized NFL programming to broaden reach, as live linear national games account for nearly 93% of the brand’s 2023 est. national TV ad spend.