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Doritos 2012 Super Bowl Commercial, Sling Baby

In this Super Bowl ad from 2012, when the Giants played (and beat) the Patriots, an obnoxious boy stands high at the top of a children’s playground slide. A grandmotherly woman in a motorized wheelchair watches from nearby next to a bouncing baby in a sling. The boy on the playground taunts the two down below about how he has the bag of Doritos and they don’t. They get more and more angry until they come up with a plan. The grandmother wheels her chair backwards while holding onto the baby’s sling. When she is far enough back, the lets go of the baby, who springs all the way up, grabs the bag of Doritos, and flies back into her arms. The boy looks flabbergasted but the grandmother and baby smugly eat their Doritos. The entire ordeal has the soundtrack of Giuseppe Verdi’s opera song “La Donna e Mobile” from “Rigoletto.”

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