About Hungry Howie's TV Commercial, 'Contest: Howie Bread' Featuring Darius Slay

This guy won a contest to spend the whole day with Darius Slay but all he seems to want to do is eat Hungry Howie's Pizza. Darius is flummoxed. Doesn't he want to do anything else? The man thinks on it and says, "We can do other things." Cue Darius' unsuccessful attempts to ride a see-saw with the guy (he's too busy eating to participate), play ping-pong with him (he's too busy eating to participate) and ride a tandem bike (he's too busy eating to pedal). Regardless, it's the best day ever for the guy. Hungry Howie's invites you try its stuffed flavor-crust pizza and its stuffed Howie Bread.

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Darius Slay ... Athlete

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