Frequently Asked Questions about the Ad Catalog

Below you’ll find answers to the questions we get asked most about the ad catalog.

Do you offer a subscription for actors and talent managers?

iSpot no longer offers a subscription for actors and talent managers. This is something we continue to explore, but as of now, there are no plans to support individual subscriptions.

Where can I give feedback about an advertisement?

Please note that we do not make TV ads, we only measure their performance. Any feedback we receive about ads in our catalog is typically for adding information that is seen in the details section of an ad page, including the actor(s) or featured song(s). To add the correct actors or songs on the details section of an ad page refer to these instructions.

Where can I find ads from before 2012?

iSpot started recording all nationally televised ads in 2012. While there are a few exceptions, like Apple’s iconic 1984 super bowl ad, you generally will not be able to find an ad that aired prior to 2012.

Where can I find an ad that aired in a specific local market?

Reach out with local airings-related questions through our demo form and we will work to address your specific situation.

Why can’t I get access to your metrics?

Our system prevents personal emails from being processed. Access can be obtained by using your work email address.

How much is it to make an ad?

At we measure the performance and effectiveness of ads – we do not create the ads themselves.

I found an ad that has incorrect information, how do I get it fixed?

We’re constantly trying to improve the accuracy of our catalog, so we definitely want to hear from you. To add the correct actors or songs on the details section of an ad page refer to these instructions.

How can I request an ad to be removed from your site?

If you are not the brand owner of an ad, we recommend that you contact the brand owner directly and have them file the request on your behalf. Please note we are obligated to confirm take-down requests with the owner.

How do I find out who the actor or song is in an ad?

Please refer to the image below as an example from this ad page:

How do I tag myself in a commercial that I am in?

If you would like to tag yourself in a commercial, please visit the commercial page on our public site. Once you find the commercial scroll down and select Actors: “Add.” From there, please provide social links (Facebook, IMDB, Twitter) and your request will be submitted to our team of editors for approval.

Can I tag someone I know in a commercial?

We accept tags from the actors themselves or their guardians. Please do not tag someone other than yourself as tags can prevent actors booking new opportunities among competitor brands.