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The Scooby gang has cracked countless mysteries over the years, but they might be faced with their most daunting challenge yet when they discover a plot to set the mythological dog Cerberus loose upon the world. In their fight to save humanity, these four meddlesome kids must revisit the story of how they met their beloved dog and first founded Mystery Inc. In the process, the discover that Scooby Doo's destiny is far greater than any of them could've imagined. "SCOOB!" hits theaters May 15, 2020.

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Amanda Seyfried ... Voice Over Daphne Blake), Ariana Greenblatt ... Voice Over Young Velma Dinkley), Frank Welker ... Voice Over Scooby-Doo), Gina Rodriguez ... Voice Over Velma Dinkley), Iain Armitage ... Voice Over Young Shaggy Rogers), Jason Isaacs ... Voice Over Dick Dastardly), Ken Jeong ... Voice Over Dynomutt, Dog Wonder), Kiersey Clemons ... Voice Over Dee Dee Sykes), Mark Wahlberg ... Voice Over Blue Falcon), McKenna Grace ... Voice Over Young Daphne Blake), Pierce Gagnon ... Voice Over Young Fred Jones), Tracy Morgan ... Voice Over Captain Caveman), Will Forte ... Voice Over Shaggy Rogers), Zac Efron ... Voice Over Fred Jones)
Tony Cervone ... Director

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