Which Alcohol TV Ads Are Making a Splash in 2022?

Even for an experienced TV ad sector like alcohol, the last few years provided plenty of challenges. The pandemic forced immediate shifts for beer, wine and spirits brands after live sports were pulled off the air in March 2020, and brand messaging had to adjust to a new reality. The industry shifted once again in 2021 as bars and restaurants opened back up, but consumer preferences are also changing in 2022 as younger consumers drink less and demand for burgeoning categories like hard seltzers and non-alcoholic labels have fluctuated.

Even as the alcohol industry scales back on both est. national TV ad spend (-16.99% YoY) and TV ad impressions (-12.14% YoY) through July 2022, many brands are still finding new opportunities for growing market share.

Which alcohol brands are the most-seen so far this year? Which networks and programs are delivering the most alcohol TV ad impressions? And which Alcohol brands had the most likable creatives? Download iSpot’s new report, “Which Alcohol TV Ads Make a Splash in 2022?” to uncover what’s bubbling up to the top of alcohol TV advertising. 

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Alcohol Brands Getting The Most Buzz

Top alcohol advertisers have changed in the last few years, as many of the larger brands have worked to diversify offerings to reach a growing variety of beverage purchasers. From Jan. 1-July 31, 2022, Modelo was the most-seen brand in the industry, accounting for 8.31% of TV ad impressions. 

Modelo’s dominance is also in line with a larger trend of Mexican beer’s growth on TV. Through July of this year, Mexican brands accounted for 43.76% of beer’s TV ad impressions. That’s up from 38.97% during the same period last year, and 33.14% during the same timeframe in 2018.

Hard Act To Follow

The beer category has been looking toward non-“beer” options to fuel growth, including hard seltzer, non-alcoholic and cider labels. While those brands accounted for just 14.69% of industry TV ad impressions from Jan. 1-July 31, 2018, that number jumped all the way up to 29.12% in 2022. It’s a reflection of changing preferences and adjustments as Gen Z (which isn’t drinking as much as predecessors) becomes a larger share of the potential market for alcohol purchases.

That growth also hasn’t been linear. This year’s share of TV ad impressions for beer alternatives is actually down compared to last year in the same timeframe.

Making Audiences Thirsty

The key to an effective alcohol TV ad? Make audiences thirsty.

Looking at the top 60 alcohol ads by TV ad impressions this year, iSpot’s Creative Assessment identified the seven most likable. “Thirsty” was the top reaction among survey respondents for five of the seven, and was a common reaction for many of the other top spots as well. 

The most likable spot of all was Guinness’s “All Together Now” St. Patrick’s Day spot, which celebrates people being able to celebrate the holiday in-person once again after two years away due to the pandemic. Not only was it 23% more likable than the norm for alcohol ads this year, but also garnered 16% more attention with a full bar of patrons singing (with Guinness in-hand) Frankie Valli’s “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You.

Want more on what’s brewing in alcohol TV advertising so far this year? Download iSpot’s new report, “Which Alcohol TV Ads Make a Splash in 2022?” Schedule a demo to learn more about a specific alcohol category and/or brand.