Which Alcohol TV Ads Are Making a Splash in 2022?

Inside the Report

Across the beer, wine and spirits industry, the last few years have required a lot of adjustments to TV advertising approaches. The pandemic forced both new messaging and new programming placement as live sports went off the air. Hard seltzer and non-alcoholic beverages have both risen and fallen in terms of demand and the industry’s share of TV ad impressions. And new preferences from Gen Z’s growing purchasing power necessitate even more juggling to stay in front of a younger target audience.

This report examines the biggest trends bubbling up in alcohol industry TV advertising, including top networks and programs and most likable ads. You’ll also get separate assessments of emerging themes like the steady growth of Mexican beer brands on TV.

Report Highlights:

  • From Jan.1-July 31, alcohol brands’ est. national TV advertising spend was down 16.99% YoY, while TV ad impressions decreased 12.14%.
  • Modelo was the most-seen advertiser through July, accounting for 8.31% of all alcohol TV ad impressions (and 12.85% of beer impressions).
  • Non-alcoholic brands, hard seltzers and ciders accounted for 29.12% of the beer category’s TV ad impressions through July, which is nearly double 2018’s total but down slightly versus 2021.