NBCU Makes iSpot First Nationally Certified Measurement Partner, Commits to Using iSpot as Currency for Upfront Season

As iSpot nears its 10th birthday this April, another milestone was notched in its journey to modernize TV measurement. On the iconic NBC Studio 8H stage during the One22 event, iSpot became the first measurement company certified by NBCU for use as currency in the purchasing of national advertising campaigns. 

See the moment where it was first announced here:

This is a pivotal moment for television because it marks the industry’s shift from program-proxy measurement to one that is ads first and cross-platform impression based. 

Just as we did during the alternative currency pilot for SuperBowl, Olympics and Q1, iSpot Unified Measurement will be used to verify delivery and reach of cross-platform advertising campaigns. This means every impression is verified and every moment is accounted for. Now, NBCU can transact on the value it creates using the same metrics marketers use to evaluate all of their TV investments. 


In addition to using iSpot metrics as a currency for national campaigns during the Upfronts, NBCU certified iSpot’s industry-leading ad catalog, which gives NBCU the ability to measure the exact ads independently and validate the ad delivery across its network portfolio.

After NBCU announced iSpot as its primary currency for the Upfronts, iSpot CTO Anthony Skinner took to the Studio 8H stage to showcase the innovative measurement powering iSpot.

iSpot audience measurement and verification systems are now available to fuel advanced advertising campaigns through an integration with OpenAP.

For more information on NBCU’s One Platform, watch One22 on-demand videos here.

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