How The Trade Desk and iSpot Are Shaping the Future of CTV

With streaming viewership and ad spend snowballing, measuring reach, frequency, overlap and incrementality across linear and CTV is critical for marketers to get a true understanding of advertising performance. From there, marketers can optimize CTV campaigns to reach new audiences that are not accessible with linear buys. Frequency can be better managed, avoiding oversaturating households with the same ad. The domino effect from this level of measurement ends with marketers making efficient media buys that maximize ROAS.

Smarter cross-platform TV advertising also trickles down to the consumer. With optimized reach and frequency, the CTV viewing experience becomes much more relevant and less cluttered for the audience.

Shaping the Future of CTV

The Trade Desk recently announced a partnership that makes the default integrated, independent measurement solution for CTV campaigns executed using the The Trade Desk platform. This partnership provides brand marketers with clear and reliable measurement of incremental audience delivery for their CTV campaigns, including demographic insights.

This announcement comes on the heels of massive change in the TV landscape, spurred by the surge of streaming and shortfalls with legacy measurement. Media companies are now working to modernize TV currency ahead of this year’s Upfronts. But, this transition hinges on innovative, cross-screen measurement, which has made iSpot the alternative currency front runner.

As the leading DSP for programmatic TV buyers, The Trade Desk’s integration of iSpot as the default measurement solution is another pivotal move in the industry that makes trust, transparency and accuracy the standard in the CTV marketplace.

Want to learn more about how The Trade Desk and iSpot partnership will shape the future of CTV buying and measurement? Tune into iSpot’s 7th annual TV Disrupt on April 20th. Jonathan Low, Senior Director of CTV Partnerships at The Trade Desk, will sit down with Emily Wood, VP of Business Development at iSpot, to discuss the CTV landscape and share recommendations for advertisers looking to prepare for what’s ahead.

How the iSpot  Integration with The Trade Desk Works leverages always-on TV ad tracking capabilities and exclusive data from 39+ million smart TVs to obtain glass-level verification of ad plays regardless of the service provider, network or streaming publisher. iSpot’s unique ability to identify, measure and verify ad plays at scale in a service agnostic, measurement-only business gives The Trade Desk customers independent verification and can provide context for how CTV advertising is performing against linear TV. 

As a premiere partner of The Trade Desk, iSpot Unified Measurement is now offered without additional charge as part of using the The Trade Desk platform. If you are an iSpot Unified Measurement customer, contact your customer success representative for more information on how this works alongside your existing dashboards. If you’re interested in learning more about what iSpot offers, contact