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Watch TV Disrupt 2022 On-Demand

April 20, 2022

Over the years, iSpot has armed advertisers with a series of events, most notably, Pre-front, where we brought together the most innovative brands, agencies, and networks. Our immersive virtual summit, TV Disrupt, is Pre-front reimagined. TV Disrupt aims to educate advertisers on how to navigate a pivotal year of TV advertising transformation.

Watch TV Disrupt 2022 on-demand to explore a range of topics, insightful perspectives and real use cases that will help you prepare for the new era of TV currency and measurement. Hear from advertising leaders at NBCUniversal, Wayfair, TaxAct, The Trade Desk, WarnerMedia Ad Sales, Paramount and T-Mobile. From leveraging alternative currencies to verifying cross-screen TV ad reach and impact, you’ll discover future-proof approaches to TV buying and measurement.