Measurement Matters: Music Videos In The Living Room

April 28, 2021

As consumers have shifted towards streaming in the living room, so have music videos. As a universal genre of entertainment that is ubiquitous across CTV and OTT platforms, Vevo allows brands to align with the rapid growth and cultural relevance of music videos in the living room. Moreso, Vevo’s scaled audience provides unduplicated reach against premium content across a national distribution network. Join us to learn more about the measurement tools available to gain more insight into who’s watching – allowing brands to be ever more data-driven in measuring new audiences.


  • Stuart Schwartzapfel, SVP, Media Partnerships,
  • Kinsey Tamberrino, VP, East Coast and Midwest Sales, Vevo
  • Bryon Schafer, SVP, Research, Vevo

 Session starts 2:09:02

Session starts 2:09:02