VAB’s TV of Tomorrow Live

April 26, 2021 - April 30, 2021

Panel #1 on April 26 2021

The Future of Streaming: Innovation and Disruption

As audiences shift from cable to streaming, innovation and disruption are at an all-time high in the ever-changing media landscape. The maturation of AVOD means further fragmentation of advertising channels, but also potentially new opportunities to engage viewers for advertisers. In this session, iSpot’s VP of Business Development, Emily Wood, explores how content in advertising is changing with fragmentation.

iSpot Speaker: Emily Wood – VP, Business Development

Session starts at 10:30

Panel #2: April 29 2021

Audience-Based Buying in Action

As the industry continues to evolve towards a data-driven, audience-first buying approach, we’ll hear from those working to enable this change. Through three conversations, moderated by VAB President and CEO, Sean Cunningham, we’ll hear the fresh perspectives and first-hand experiences of these industry leaders. In this session, we discuss how to best unlock the potential of audience-based buying, how success is being quantified, and new innovations in how audiences are defined, bought, measured and optimized for impact with iSpot’s SVP of Media Partnerships, Stu Schwartzapfel.

Stuart Schwartzapfel – SVP, Media Partnerships

Session starts at 28:40