Adweek’s Elevate: TV and Video Measurement

June 9, 2021

Modernizing and Future-Proofing TV Ad Measurement

After the earth-shattering disruption of 2020, have traditional systems of valuing and measuring TV ads reached a tipping point?

Join Adweek as we sit down with iSpot CEO and Founder, Sean Muller, to get his perspective on how real-time measurement at scale is key to modernizing TV advertising. He’ll address the critical need for instant and accurate validation of ads across linear and streaming platforms to bring more accountability to the multi-billion dollar industry. Explore the new currencies and cutting-edge measurement capabilities that are making headlines from one of the leading visionaries at the forefront of the movement.

Sean Muller, Founder and Chief Executive Officer,
Chris Ariens, Managing Editor and Director of Video, Adweek

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