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Betting on TV Advertising: Sportsbook Brands Expand Reach and Resonance

If you’ve watched live sporting events on TV in the last year, you’ve almost certainly seen ads for online sportsbooks.

With sports betting legalization growing in the U.S., both established and new brands see TV as a way to acquire customers and get ahead of the competition. So how have these marketers bet on TV since last September?

As one example, FanDuel more than tripled national TV ad spend year-over-year, emphasizing the NFL, NBA, college football and MLB for its ad buys. The brand accounted for nearly 34% of sportsbook ad impressions on national TV from Sept. 1, 2021 through May 31, 2022, which led the way for the industry. However, FanDuel still has ample opportunity to grow its TV ad presence in the coming years:

  • Just 30 U.S. states have legal and operational sports betting right now, so 49% of FanDuel’s TV ad impressions are local
  • As more states legalize sports betting, more sportsbook advertising will be nationally focused, meaning increased national TV ad spend for these brands
  • While FanDuel led the way by impressions, its TV ad creatives were focused on factual spots, versus the more humorous approach of competitors like Caesars

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