It is easy to integrate your first-party data sources with iSpot. We can connect with your onboarding solutions, MTAs, custom conversion data, website and app properties and more.

Seamless Insights

You’ve made a significant investment in your existing marketing stack. The last thing you want is additional complexity or the requirement to do a rip and replace. iSpot can seamlessly integrate into your current infrastructure, unlocking advanced capabilities such as segment integration, unified MTA, KPIs, and exposure-level data. iSpot has partnerships with leading marketing technology providers such as LiveRamp and Oracle. Our integrations enable you to quickly connect your first-party data to iSpot, so you can measure the causal impact of TV and optimize your allocation and spend.

First-Party Data Integration

The engineering team at iSpot can quickly and seamlessly integrate your custom first-party data. Whether you’re tracking existing custom segments, attribution and conversion information from websites and apps, or offline transactions, iSpot can plug your data into our platform.

Online and Offline Attribution

Using the iSpot Pixel, you can measure and attribute conversions occuring on your website and app properties. Our proven technology is deployed on some of the most trafficked websites in the United States providing real-time measurement of the causal impact of TV. You can deploy the iSpot Pixel on multiple web pages and apps, enabling you to see the customer journey through the upper to the lower part of your sales funnel. If you have offline data such as Point of Service (POS), location, CRM, or call centers, iSpot can connect that as well for offline attribution.

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