iSpot & Neustar Report: Keys to Unlocking Greater TV Ad Success

Inside the Report

The pandemic had an obvious impact on every aspect of TV. And even as things begin to feel “normal” again, there are certain aspects of TV that simply won’t go back to the way they were. Between audience migrations to streaming, new daypart shifts, uncertainty around tentpoles and the growth of addressable (among other factors), TV has fundamentally changed forever. But that doesn’t have to create uncertainty for ad buyers.

This new report from iSpot and Neustar focuses on the future of TV and the major challenges marketers face that can be solved by innovative attribution, targeting, and optimization strategies today.

Key takeaways include:

  • TV ratings/benchmarks alone are not sufficient for optimal cross-platform measurement going forward
  • Recent paradigm shifts have made TV more addressable, measurable and privacy-compliant
  • Identity-based solutions are blurring lines between brands’ digital and TV advertising approaches
  • Viewer-level data is fueling outcome-based advertising on TV