Top 2014 Super Bowl Commercials


Budweiser: Puppy Love

A curious puppy at an adoption center makes friends with a Clydesdale -- until one day, it is taken away to its new home. What happens next in this Super Bowl 2014 commercial may just melt your heart. ...more

9.83% Online Activity
3,344,309 Online Views
427,851 Social Actions
$2,287,739 Est. TV Spend

Axe: Make Love, Not War

In a world filled with war and hate, take a stand. Make love, not war. Work toward peace -- AXE Peace. ...more

9.34% Online Activity
5,120,053 Online Views
306,417 Social Actions
$1,143,869 Est. TV Spend

Bud Light: Ian Up For Whatever

Arnold is warming up and getting ready for Super Bowl 2014. ...more

7.99% Online Activity
7,609,929 Online Views
100,018 Social Actions
$2,958,037 Est. TV Spend

Audi: Doberhuahua

Compromising is a terrible idea, as demonstrated by the monstrous Doberhuahua. Audi will never compromise so you'll never have to deal with worst of two worlds. ...more

7.12% Online Activity
5,146,644 Online Views
147,618 Social Actions
$1,906,449 Est. TV Spend

Budweiser: A Hero's Welcome

On January 8th, 2014, Lt. Chuck Nadd returned home. Budweiser and his hometown threw him a proper hero's welcome he would never forget. ...more

6.57% Online Activity
9,488 Online Views
394,538 Social Actions
$2,287,739 Est. TV Spend

Toyota: The Muppets, Terry Crews

Terry Crews and the Muppets are gearing up for the Big Game with a trip to Carnaval! ...more

5.66% Online Activity
2,670,645 Online Views
208,915 Social Actions
$2,287,739 Est. TV Spend

Coca-Cola: Going All the Way

Adrienne takes a fumbled ball all the way to the house, and when we say the house, we mean Lambeau Field. ...more

4.54% Online Activity
2,514,075 Online Views
146,344 Social Actions
$2,287,739 Est. TV Spend

T-Mobile: No Contract

Everyone thinks that Tim Tebow wants a contract, but he's accomplished so much for as a free agent. He's helped a woman though labor, captured Sasquatch, and advocated for whales. Bottom line: contracts are limiting, and T-Mobile can help you get you out of yours. ...more

4.15% Online Activity
2,450,030 Online Views
129,129 Social Actions
$1,145,240 Est. TV Spend

Oikos: The Spill

It's a 'Full House' in this Oikos Super Bowl spot. Everything is going great for John Stamos and his lady friend -- until his roommates show up. ...more

4.11% Online Activity
2,756,648 Online Views
96,511 Social Actions
$1,143,869 Est. TV Spend

Volkswagen: Wings

Every time a Volkswagen reaches 100,000 miles a German engineer gets their wings. But what about 200,000? Well.... ...more

3.10% Online Activity
3,021,740 Online Views
37,472 Social Actions
$2,287,739 Est. TV Spend

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