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E*Trade 2010 Super Bowl Commercial, Girlfriend

This ad that aired during Super Bowl XLIV, Feb. 7, 2010 delves into the relationship of two babies. As a baby boy speaks, the voice of a man comes out. He apologizes to his girlfriend about the previous night, explaining that he was busy updating his E*Trade profile. He tells her that he was taking control like a wolf and howls for effect. His girlfriend, sitting in a high chair like he is, asks if that "milk-a-holic" Lindsey was over. There is a moment of silence as he searches for words and another baby pops into the screen to retort, "Milk-a-what?" Thanks to Lindsey, it looks as if the baby boy wasn't as lucky as the New Orleans Saints, who ended up beating the Indianapolis Colts at Sun Life Stadium 31-17.

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