Cars.Com 2009 Super Bowl Commercial, David Abernathy

During Super Bowl XLIII, which took place on Feb. 1, 2009 where the Pittsburgh Steelers beat the Arizona Cardinals, aired a commercial introducing David Abernathy in the "Lifetime of Confidence" campaign. David is a man of confidence and can be considered a genius from birth. We are taken through his outstanding achievements such as: congratulating his doctor on a perfect delivery at birth, negotiating a later bedtime at the age of three, dating the high school prom queen and her mother at the same time and, lastly, performing open heart surgery with a ballpoint pen at the age of 24. However, his accumulated confidence disappears at the age of 25 when he decides to buy a new car. suggests that if David Abernathy had used its service with confidence that comes standard, he would have remained the same David.

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