Can you measure the causal impact of TV and optimize your spend to target business outcomes using your current tools? With iSpot you can.

Digital-Like Attribution

iSpot has the best media measurement data available today, but did you know we also have the best data science? Over 125 brands trust the analytics and data science from iSpot to measure the success of TV against their business outcomes. iSpot provides digital-like attribution against upper and lower funnel KPIs providing you powerful and predictive analytics so you can see the causal impact of TV. Only with this digital-like granularity can you effectively optimize where and when to advertise, how much to spend, and what creatives to show.

Custom Analytics

iSpot has democratized data science enabling anyone to gain deep insight and powerful analytics with just a few clicks - no pivot tables required. Need more? Our team of data scientists and analysts can work with you to create custom reports against the business outcomes that matter most to you. Additionally, the iSpot API can be used to generate custom reports using your own in-house analytical resources.

First-Party Data Integration

Our media measurement data combined with your first-party data creates a picture of where you’ve found success in your TV ad campaigns as far back as 2015. Looking at the past enables you to optimize your allocation and spend for the future, propelling more business with your TV advertising dollars and providing a closer alignment to your targeted business outcomes.

Deeper Dive

TV Conversion One Sheet

Translate your customer’s behavior into actionable business decisions

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Lift 2.0 One Sheet

Understand the causal impact of your TV advertising

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Segment Conversions One Sheet

Discover the impact of your TV ad campaigns to your marketing segments

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