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T-Mobile returned to the Super Bowl for the fourth year in a row with four celebrity filled commercials. Celebrities and T-Mobile’s new product, One, may have been the only things the brand’s creatives had in common. Two of the ads featured Kristen Schaal in NSFW, 50 Shades of Grey-esque spoofs. Another captured Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart’s visit The final, and the most popular spot, featured Justin Bieber, Rob Gronkowski, and Terrell Owens shaking and shimmying. All of the wireless brands ads landed in the top 27% of the most engaging ads, with ‘#UnlimitedMoves’ taking fourth place in our digital engagement rankings on game day. Last year, the wireless brand had two commercials in the top five on game-day, with a hilarious take on Drake's 'Hotline Bling' music video and Steve Harvey's 'Miss Universe' mishap. T-Mobile earned over 9% of the digital response on game-day alone. Its 2015 ad, 'Kim's Data Stash,' took the number five spot for overall Super Bowl rankings with 5.5% Digital Share of Voice.