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How Consumer Cellular Increased Incremental Reach While Optimizing Spend

Inside the Report


Increase in incremental reach


Increase in impressions in Q4


Decrease in CPA in Q4

Executive Summary

Consumer Cellular is a leading wireless communications provider that offers affordable, no-contract plans and exceptional customer service to its target audience of seniors (55+). When it came to their TV advertising strategy, the brand wanted to reintroduce streaming channels and aimed to maximize their TV ad spend to effectively reach and convert their target demographic while minimizing waste. To achieve this goal, Consumer Cellular turned to iSpot TV Conversions and Unified Measurement products. With the help of iSpot, Consumer Cellular was able to measure CPA and incremental reach of their TV ads; selectively reducing spend and increasing incremental reach within their target audience by 5%.

“One of the great things about iSpot is that we can measure incremental reach. And so we got almost immediately a 5% incremental reach from turning on OTT.”

Bill Litfin, VP of Performance Marketing & Media, Consumer Cellular


With the highly competitive telecommunications industry, effective advertising is crucial to reach and engage their target audience. To extend their reach, Consumer Cellular turned to streaming channels and wanted to reintroduce CTV to their advertising strategy. In order to find the most effective way to spend their advertising budget while increasing incremental reach, Consumer Cellular partnered with to measure the performance of their TV ads and achieve their advertising goals while staying within their budget.


Consumer Cellular began using iSpot in 2022, focusing on TV Conversions and Unified Measurement products to measure Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) and incremental reach. TV Conversions provided the brand with a way to attribute sales to TV ads by matching TV ad airings to website and phone call activity. Meanwhile, Unified Measurement helped Consumer Cellular understand how CTV advertising contributed to their overall media mix and helped them identify incremental reach opportunities across streaming platforms.


With insights from iSpot, Consumer Cellular was able to measure a 5% increase in incremental reach in the 55+ audience. In addition to incremental reach, Consumer Cellular used CPA as a key metric when looking at TV ad performance. While measuring daypart placements, the brand found that they could reduce their ad spend by selectively increasing their spending in daytime and decreasing spending in weekends, all while maintaining reach. Ultimately, in Q4 vs Q3, Consumer Cellular saw a 21% increase in impressions and a 16% decrease in CPA.

“We raised our reach by 5%. There’s 110 million people, 50 plus in the US. So 5% of that is a truly meaningful number, and incredibly impactful.”

Bill Litfin, VP of Performance Marketing & Media, Consumer Cellular


Overall, Consumer Cellular’s use of Unified Measurement and TV Conversions products have allowed them to:

  • Reach their target audience (55+) efficiently
  • Drive up impressions by 21% in Q4
  • Increase incremental reach by 5% with CTV over linear
  • Drive down CPA by 16% in Q4
  • Make data-driven decisions