iSpot Welcomes TiVo

In our unrelenting quest to bring our customers the fastest, most reliable, most actionable TV advertising insights in the market, we’re pleased to announce we have struck a deal with TiVo to integrate its set-top box data into our unified measurement products

Below is the press release with more details. If you have any questions, please let us know.

iSpot Expands TV Ad Measurement and Attribution Offerings with TiVo

NEW YORK — March 25, 2020 — Leading, real-time TV ad measurement company today announced it is integrating TiVo (NASDAQ: TIVO) into its always-on measurement and attribution platform. iSpot will utilize TiVo set-top TV data to supplement a broad set of capabilities the company has developed on top of its census-balanced and panel-calibrated measurement system, which covers all national linear, time-shifted and connected TV ad exposures across the U.S. 

TiVo’s TV data will help inform new secondary currencies being developed between iSpot’s brand clients and networks. With more than 35% of all TV spend now informed or optimized based on one or more of iSpot’s capabilities, leading brands are using the always-on platform for real-time competitive intelligence, TV impression-reach verification, second-by-second attention tracking, OTT measurement, and segment-based and predictive analytics. Customers also utilize a broad set of attribution capabilities across location, website activities, point-of-sale and industry-specific products from iSpot.

iSpot will integrate TiVo’s millions of U.S. households into its proprietary measurement system, which incorporates iSpot’s industry-leading ad catalog and real-time airings data with Inscape’s opt-in panel of 13.7 million VIZIO TVs. The pairing of TiVo’s deterministic set-top data with iSpot’s TV ad catalog and proprietary measurement – which matches TV ad and airings data with glass-level ACR –  gives brands unparalleled scale and transparency regarding the relationship between sales activity and ad exposures across linear, VOD and CTV sources. 

Taken together, the datasets will be used as ingredients to further refine new currencies such as business-outcome benchmarks which networks, agencies and brands are now using to make performance- and audience-based buys. “TiVo is excited to have its deterministic data become part of iSpot’s innovative measurement and attribution offerings for brands and networks,” says Walt Horstman, SVP and GM of TiVo’s Advanced Media and Advertising business unit. 

“The transformation of viewing data and the next-generation applications that are built on top of it create substantial value for the marketplace and help push the TV and advertising industry forward,” says iSpot CEO Sean Muller. “TiVo data gives us a broader pool of households for our industry leading applications to run on top of.” 

iSpot Lift Ratings provide TV networks, brands and agencies with reliable, predictable norms for the key performance measures of incremental lift and conversion across 17 industries. Today, employing iSpot’s always-on capabilities, TV networks can evaluate performance for advertising across a much broader landscape than age/gender demographics for a show and a likelihood of exposure to a household. 

More About is the market leader in real-time television advertising measurement and attribution. The company’s always-on platform measures impressions and attention for all TV ads in a unified manner across linear, time-shifted, VOD and OTT environments.’s TV attribution solution enables advertisers and TV networks to plan, optimize and transact on business-outcome measures. The company delivers its solution in real-time via intuitive and modern dashboards as well as APIs and customized analytics. has hundreds of brands and all major TV networks licensing its enterprise solution.

About TiVo

TiVo (NASDAQ: TIVO) brings entertainment together, making it easy to find, watch and enjoy. We serve up the best movies, shows and videos from across live TV, on-demand, streaming services and countless apps, helping people to watch on their terms. For studios, networks and advertisers, TiVo delivers a passionate group of watchers to increase viewership and engagement across all screens. Go to and enjoy watching.

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