About Meijer TV Commercial, 'Do You See What I See?'

Neighborhood kids spot Santa Claus dressed in regular clothes around town, but their parents either overlook him or can't believe it's really him. When a little boy is given a cookie at the bakery counter in Meijer, he turns around and sees none other than Santa Claus shopping for produce. He offers the fabled man his cookie before his mom tells the boy that the man isn't Santa. As he is led away, Santa winks at the boy and makes a gesture suggesting his identity will remain a secret between the two.

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Holidays Dec 12, 2017 - Jan 1, 2018
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Aidan Wallace ... Boy in green jacket at Santa's window, Blayne Smith ... Little boy in Santa's window, Colby Ledterman ... Little girl on bus, Melissa Schumacher ... Baker, Oliva Wallace ... Girl in purple hat at Santa's window
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