About Common Sense Media TV Commercial, 'Device-Free Dinner: Like' Feat. Will Ferrell

Do you know what that sound is? It's the sound of actor Will Ferrell liking every single thing on his social media feed. The blistering rate of likes leaves this family perplexed and even has Will asking for five more minutes of liking stuff before dinner can begin. Common Sense Media encourages everyone to put their mobile devices away at dinner and to enjoy the company.

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“Device Free Dinner”
The song was created for this commercial
Actors - Add
Darlene Hunt ... Mother, Will Ferrell ... Father, Jake Brennan ... Son, Zoe Pessin ... Older daughter
Clay Weiner ... Director, Doug Chamberlain ... Director of Photography, Holly Vega ... Producer, Lisa Stockdale ... Producer
Goodby, Silverstein & Partners (Creative Agency), Biscuit Filmworks (Production Company)

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