About Comcast/XFINITY TV Commercial, 'The Boy Who Cried Wolf'

During a support group meeting, Chuck believes that being known as The Boy Who Cried Wolf is an unfair portrayal of him. When his therapist mentions his abandonment issues, everyone sheds light on their secrets. The Big Bad Wolf reveals how he use to eat sheep while Chicken Little puts Greg from AT&T on the spot. He used to tell everyone they could get AT&T Fiber when in reality only a few people could actually access it. This prompts Pinocchio to inquire if AT&T is hiring. XFINITY declares it delivers gig speeds to more homes than anyone.

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“The Future of Awesome”
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Carlie Craig ... Chicken Little, Hugh Scott ... Pinocchio, Jane A. Johnston ... Evil Queen, Scott Vance ... Big Bad Wolf, Tammi Mac ... Group Therapist, Timmy Deters ... Greg
Goodby Silverstein & Partners (Agency)

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