About Comcast Business 75 Mbps Internet TV Commercial, 'When the Unexpected Happens: Add Voice Mobility'

A Comcast Business representative knows fast, reliable Internet is crucial, so she asks a group of business owners what happens when their connections go down. The owners admit it means they can't do their jobs and their businesses grind to a halt. Comcast Business guarantees its Gig-speed network goes beyond fast to download 20 times faster and provide 4G backup, so when the representative snaps her fingers and the power goes out, her connected tablet is still up and running.

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Add one Voice Mobility line to get 75 Mbps Internet for $49.95 per month for two years (expires: 04/21/2019)
“Beyond Fast”
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Benjamin I. Green ... Man in yellow polo, Brandi Bravo ... Spokesperson, Susan S. Kleiner ... Woman in black suit

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