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Fallout 4 TV Commercial, 'The Wanderer Trailer' Song by Dion

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About Fallout 4 TV Commercial, 'The Wanderer Trailer' Song by Dion

An idyllic, futuristic suburb is completely eviscerated by a nuclear explosion. In the aftermath, a man emerges from a bomb shelter and begins roaming around the wasteland accompanied by a German Shepherd. The song "The Wanderer" by Dion plays ironically in the background. The man passes through deserted towns and dilapidated buildings, occasionally shooting at Mutants that he encounters. Eventually, he finds Power Armor in one of the abandoned warehouses. He steps inside the suit and continues his journey.

iSpot Review — May 28, 2019

Five years have gone by since the last Fallout game was released by Bethesda Softworks. The trailer begins with Mister Handy trimming some bushes just moments before the nuclear holocaust destroys the surface of the planet. After watching the destruction of the planet, we see a dweller from Vault 111 exiting the vault to explore the barren wasteland.

Although the trailer is only 30 seconds in length, it's enough to tease fans of the post-apocalyptic world complete with familiar foes and friends alike. Sticking true to the theme of the Atomic and Jet ages which took place around the 50s and 60s, the trailer even used Dion's, "The Wanderer" as the audio track for the duration of the entire commercial.

The trailer gets more interesting as fans are treated to different landscapes to travel across, super mutants battling the vault dweller, a powered armor suit that has become the iconic image of the Fallout series, and Dogmeat, the faithful canine companion to ensure that wasteland wanderers don't feel lonely.

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