TV Ad Takeaways and Trends from Q1

A seismic shift tore through the TV marketplace in Q1 2022. The buy and sell-side partnered with measurement providers to evaluate and, in some cases, implement alternative currency ahead of the Upfronts. Modern TV ad measurement certainly rose to the occasion. The industry started migrating away from legacy methods of program-proxy measurement and toward ad-first, cross-platform solutions.

iSpot’s Q1 report dives into these major changes, along with the key storylines around TV advertising over the first three months of 2022. From top advertisers and industries, to shows, networks and daypart trends, this Q1 rundown report highlights a wide range of insights obtained from our real-time measurement of every second of every single ad on TV.

Some of our biggest takeaways:

  • Estimated national TV advertising spend skyrocketed – up 36.87% YoY
  • Live sports made up over 20% of TV ad impressions in Q1 thanks in part to Super Bowl LVI and the Winter Olympic Games
  • Movies are  back in full swing, with Theatrical Release impressions increased by over 100% YoY
  • Travel brands are also made a comeback, as Q1 impressions rose 157% YoY
  • Super Bowl creative from Frito-Lay, Nissan and Toyota made the list of the 10 most likeable ads from Q1

Interested in learning more? Download the report, and get in touch with an iSpot expert today for a deeper understanding of how your TV ads resonate with consumers and compare to the competition.