What Drives Automaker TV Ads in 2022?

Inside the Report

Recent supply chain shortages and the resulting lack of vehicle inventory caused major changes to TV ad strategies for Automaker brands. But now with 2023 car models being rolled out, the industry will take another turn again. 

Download this report to learn how Automaker brands have approached TV advertising in 2022. You’ll get insights behind notable Automaker TV ad trends, including the networks, brands and TV creatives that have fared best so far in 2022.

Report Highlights:

  • Toyota is the most-seen Automaker brand in 2022 after jumping three spots year-over-year
  • Q1 TV Ad Impressions for Automakers dropped significantly YoY despite more Estimated National TV Ad Spend
  • The top Automaker ads consistently wowed viewers with strong Narratives and Cinematic visuals