These are the brands and advertisers that won the 2014 Oscars

The team has been busy tracking social-media buzz around every TV spot that aired during the Oscars and the Oscars red-carpet pre-show. So which brands won?

“Pepsi and Samsung were the clear winners for Oscar buzz around advertising,” says founder and CEO Sean Muller. “Pepsi employed a Super Bowl-like strategy leading up to the Oscars, which paid dividends in terms of social buzz and generating millions of video views during the broadcast. Samsung chose to premiere new commercials and rely on clever show integration to get people talking. Google, Cadillac and Snickers all performed well by using surprise and, in some cases, controversy to get people talking.”

According to’s comprehensive data, these are the top 5 brands that have generated the most digital activity for their TV commercials during the Oscars and all Oscars-related broadcasts, including the red-carpet coverage, through noon EST on Monday, March 3, as ranked by SpotShare (’s measure of overall digital activity as weighted by action, including search, social actions including tweets and Facebook comments, video views, etc.):

Pepsi: 30.319

Samsung: 8.028

Google: 7.404

Cadillac: 6.511

Snickers: 6.445

The top five brands that generated the most social activity just during the Oscars broadcast were, in order: Samsung, Pepsi, Google, Snickers and Cadillac. Samsung didn’t release its spots on YouTube, which helps explains why Pepsi, which did release its spots on YouTube, was able to gain the upper hand in our overall ranking. (Of course iSpot has Samsung’s spots—and you can view them here.)

Some additional data:

Pepsi drove the most online video views for its “Mini Hollywood” Oscars spot: 2.3 million on Sunday, which then ticked up to 2.8 million as of noon EST on Monday.

Apple’s “Your Verse” Oscars spot took up the most air time—90 seconds—of any single advertisement.

The top 5 brands by spending during the Oscars broadcast, based on an estimated $1.7M-per-30-second-ad basis, in order: Samsung, Cadillac, JC Penney, Apple and Sprint.

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