Super Bowl Update: Today’s Top News and Stats

Super Bowl 50 Trends

Celeb Bowl

As coined by Ad Age a couple of days ago, this year is the ‘Celeb Bowl’ for advertisers—we count 40 celebs so far with many more advertisers yet to unveil. So far, 2016 has eclipsed last year’s count of 27 by the same measure.

Early is IN

In 2014, 5 brands had aired teasers on TV before the game. By this time last year, it had jumped to 11. Currently, 16 brands are airing teasers for their Super Bowl 50 spots.

Pre-Game Views

Advertisers who don’t run online are missing out; iSpot data has revealed that 50% of online views for ads happened before kickoff last year.

Without last year’s juggernauts of Budweiser’s “Lost Dog” and Always’ “Like a Girl,” earned views on YouTube are down more than 50 million YoY (overall views down just 13 million). On the whole, views are up more than 15 million because more brands are hip to the benefits of Facebook native video.

Ads Are Earning TV Impressions Before Airing

Some of the ads, despite not running in ad slots, have generated significant impressions from being shown on news and entertainment programs. Before paying to place an ad officially, SoFi generated 9.7mm unpaid TV views, followed by Hyundai (5.7mm) Snickers (4.6mm), and Pokemon (3.42mm).

Super Bowl 50 Stats

Data through 2/3/2016

39 Brands have released 67 ads or teasers associated with Super Bowl 50. New since yesterday: this from Machine Zone

$8.8M spent on 1,918 airings; 436 of which are in prime time; that’s down from $9.8M spent in 2015. Those airings have generated 207.1mm TV impressions.

Of the 19 ads/teasers that have aired during commercial breaks, Squarespace’s “Real Talk” teaser has the highest average view rate at 89.6%. Collectively, the teasers have a view rate of 81.2%.

Facebook views are at 87.4mm, up from 58.7mm from this point last year.

Of the 114.3mm views on YouTube (down from 127.7mm in 2015), 44.5% of the views (50.9mm) were organic/earned, whereas last year over 83% were organic/earned.

897.1k social actions (likes, mentions, comments, tweets, across Facebook, YouTube and Twitter). Trailing last year by nearly 500k actions — so far, no one’s matching last year’s social break-out of “Like a Girl.”

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