Ads of the Week: April 25 – May 1 2015

Each week,’s Editorial team picks their favorite new ads. Here are the Editors’ picks for the week of April 25 through May 1, 2015.

#5 Dawn: “Anniversary Dinner”

A humorous touch to a tender-hearted scenario in an otherwise generic dish soap ad makes for an entertaining spot. “Anniversary Dinner” looks like any other ad of its category until, that is, you see the priceless, horrified look on the wife’s face as the husband tries to turn her away from the phenomenal pile of every dish, pot and plate they own. Ad Effectiveness Rating: 7.4
Industry Average: 5.1

#4 GEICO: “South Pole, Dora the Explorer: It’s What You Do”

Comedy is a great marketing tactic of which GEICO is the indefatigable champion. The insurance company’s mantra has always been to mix the completely normal with the utterly bizarre. And time after time, it works. GEICO has possibly the most recognizable campaign formula in advertising. “It’s What You Do” is the insurance giant’s new addition, in which a team of exhausted South Pole explorers are greeted by a far more recognizable explorer upon reaching the pinnacle of their journey. Ad Effectiveness Rating: 9.9
Industry Average: 5.8
Online Views: 2.1 million

#3 Hormel Foods: “I Think I Can”

Motivation inspires action, which translates to good advertising. Hormel Foods’ empowering, feel-good sports-themed commercials for REV snacks spotlight individuals who power through and strive to achieve success, overcome boundaries and accomplish goals. Ad Effectiveness Rating: 8.8
Industry Average: 4.3

#2 Apple: “Us”

Similar to the two other Apple Watch ads (“Up” and “Rise”) released this week, “Us” shows us how the device can be used to communicate both the good and the bad when in a relationship. Apple makes it clear intimate moments become all the more powerful and meaningful thanks to its new Watch. Ad Effectiveness Rating: 9.5
Industry Average: 6.1
Online Views: 513,345

#1 Wells Fargo: “Learning Sign Language”

This spot from Wells Fargo’s “Why I Work” campaign featuring a same-sex couple is garnering quite a bit of buzz in the media this week. “Learning Sign Language” is a heartwarming commercial showing a real-life couple practicing their sign language in preparation to meet their hearing-impaired adoptive daughter. Ad Effectiveness Rating: 9.6
Industry Average: 5.1
Online Views: 242,693

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