Report Preview: 4 Guiding Principles for the Future of TV Advertising

TV may seem more turbulent than ever, but that doesn’t mean the ad-buying market is uncertain. In fact, the current environment creates even more opportunities for brands both new and old to embrace TV and its unmatched capabilities to reach audiences, no matter where, when or how they’re watching. 

This joint report from Neustar and iSpot explores what’s ahead for the future of TV and the major challenges marketers face that can be solved by attribution, targeting, and optimization. These are just some of the insights you’ll discover:

  • TV ratings/benchmarks alone are not sufficient for optimal cross-platform measurement going forward
  • Recent paradigm shifts have made TV more addressable, measurable and privacy-compliant
  • Identity-based solutions are blurring lines between brands’ digital and TV advertising approaches
  • Viewer-level data is fueling outcome-based advertising on TV
  • Plus the pandemic TV trends that are here to stay, as the medium settles into what’s next

So before you embark on the future of TV advertising, make sure you consider the 4 guiding principles outlined in this report to ensure your success. Download the joint iSpot and Neustar report here.