Preview: Data-Driven Marketer’s Guide to TV Ad Buying

TV data isn’t new, but this past year really underscored just how important it is to apply the right data to ad buying decisions. Without many primetime shows, live sports or upfronts, brands had to quickly adjust to follow migrating audiences on TV.

While some of the TV ad trends that surfaced during the pandemic will fade over time, others stand to become more permanent. Data isn’t thought of as a “nice to have” anymore when it comes to TV ad buying. Real-time analytics that allow brands to make fast and intelligent decisions across TV platforms is essential to success — whether you’ve been advertising on TV for four months or 40 years.

iSpot’s new guide to TV buying shines a spotlight on the data and analytics that matter most for buyers a year after the onset of the pandemic. Some of the major topics discussed:

  • Steps to more advanced audience-based buying
  • Leveraging conversion data to maximize spend
  • Identifying incremental reach and conversions on streaming
  • Honing in on where specific customer segments are watching TV
  • Using benchmarks to negotiate outcome-based guarantees

TV ad buying in 2021 can seem like an overwhelmingly different world — but it’s far simpler to navigate (and realize ROI) with real-time, cross-platform measurement that can accommodate audience shifts and targeting needs.

Download “The Data-Driven Marketer’s Guide to TV Buying” to learn more about how iSpot measurement and attribution can help optimize TV advertising for today’s environment, and for what comes next as audience behaviors continue to evolve.