About Aspen Dental TV Commercial, 'Frozen Aisle'

While walking down the frozen aisle of a grocery market, a wife complains to her husband that even if she's not happy with her dental care, she has to pay. Just then, a dentist rolls out of a freezer covered in frost on a dental chair and tells them if they're looking for easy, look no further. Aspen Dental provides a denture money back guarantee, so customers walk away happy. With a turn of his head, the dentist turns on a light and the giggling wife is now sitting in his chair. The two roll away into the freezer, leaving the clueless husband behind still reading his paper.

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Get upper or lower dentures starting at $399 (expires: 12/31/2018)
“Simply Easier”
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Bonnie Hellman ... Wife who goes in the freezer, Dmitri Michas ... Voice Over)

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