About Spectrum TV Commercial, 'Monsters: Charades'

To keep themselves entertained while the rain interferes with the satellite TV, these monsters are playing a rousing game of charades. As a mummy and demon try to name the film represented by the grim reaper's movements, a living ventriloquist dummy takes a guess by venting his anger at his inability to watch football. The demon, unable to sense the sarcasm, is amazed at his friends' movie knowledge. This prompts to dummy to ask whether his skull contains any brain or is just all horns, a joke that, once again, goes right over the ghoul's head. Spectrum says that TV that can cut out in the rain is evil and puts forward its service as an alternative.

Advertiser Profiles
“Satelite TV Bad. Spectrum Good.”
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Actors - Add
Tim Barker ... Voice Over), Tobias Jelinek ... Mummy

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