About PETA Super Bowl 2018 Teaser, 'Redemption' Featuring James Cromwell

PETA encourages animal lovers everywhere to "go vegan" in its Super Bowl LII teaser. A man enters a confessional to ask the priest (James Cromwell) for forgiveness. However, he's no run-of-the-mill huckster or politician, but rather a meat industry representative. He claims to have come up with the term "free-range" to convince people that the animals they eat lived happy lives and didn't meet a macabre fate. The clergyman, horrified by what he's heard, concludes that this sinner will receive no absolution. "Oh, for the love of God," he fumes, "we have to draw the line somewhere."

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“Go Vegan”
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Super Bowl Commercial
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Super Bowl LII Feb 4, 2018 at U.S. Bank Stadium
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James Cromwell ... Actor/Actress

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