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Credit Karma TV Commercial, 'Roommate: Hashtag Terrible'

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About Credit Karma TV Commercial, 'Roommate: Hashtag Terrible'

One girl has to admit that her roommate is terrible, like hashtag terrible, when she walks into the kitchen with groceries and realizes it's been taken over by her selfie-obsessed roommate taking pictures of an avocado latte. Whatever that is. Not only that, but while taking an obnoxious video of herself doing yoga, the roommate mocks the girl for her loud chewing. The fed-up girl decides it's time to sign up with Credit Karma, build her credit and finally move out. When it's time for her to take a final selfie with her ex-roommate, she's totally hashtag sad face. Not.

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“Keep Moving Forward”
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Andrea Becker ... Voice Over), Patty Guggenheim ... Terrible roommate

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