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TVision and iSpot Contextualize Co-Viewing by Personifying Big Data

Co-viewing, or the understanding of how consumers watch programming together, or alone, maintains a valuable role in the CTV measurement ecosystem. Big data alone gives insight into a household’s viewing behaviors. With personification, advertisers gain a more granular, person-level understanding of viewership.

Through TVision and iSpot’s partnership, advertisers can access passively collected viewer behavior and attention data. With the additional context of second-by-second TV viewership data, advertisers and publishers are able to understand how consumers are truly watching programming. 

As part of the “Industry Perspectives” Series from iSpot, watch as Yan Liu, TVision CEO & Co-Founder, explains how personification of trusted big data advances the entire streaming ecosystem by providing co-viewing context.

With brand goals to reach individuals and drive behaviors, TVision and iSpot distill big data down to person-level viewership. Greater insight into actual, individual viewership drives better media buying and selling opportunities and decisions that further fuel the streaming landscape.