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Proven Strategies to Optimize Cross-Platform ROAS With DriveTime’s Head of Marketing

With the rapid evolution of media consumption and data analytics, TV marketing has undergone a profound transformation. Kyle Tassinari, Head of Marketing at DriveTime, recently shared strategies for connecting TV advertising to business outcomes at TV Disrupt 2024, emphasizing the importance of data-driven decision-making and strategic partnerships.

Data-Driven Outcomes

In today’s complex TV advertising landscape, data is king. Tassinari emphasizes the importance of leveraging data to drive TV strategies. With iSpot, marketers now have access to invaluable insights that can transform their approach to media buying. DriveTime’s partnership with iSpot has been instrumental in driving efficiency and growth, with leads up over 100% and quality leads up over 300% since 2018.

Tassinari’s presentation went beyond theoretical concepts, delving into practical frameworks that marketers can implement to maximize their TV advertising impact. One such framework is the concept of marginal utility borrowed from economics. By understanding the incremental value of each ad impression, marketers can make smarter decisions about where to allocate their budgets for maximum ROI.

Another powerful tool Tassinari shared is incrementality testing. By periodically pausing media spend and analyzing unique reach and frequency, marketers can gain valuable insights into the true impact of their TV advertising efforts. DriveTime has gained a profound understanding of the actual impact of their ad campaigns, consistently validating the approach’s effectiveness in fine-tuning their media investments  

Looking Ahead: Opportunities for Growth 

As market dynamics continue to shift, Tassinari sees even greater opportunities on the horizon. By maintaining a solid framework and leveraging the right tools and partnerships, marketers can unlock significant growth potential in the TV advertising space. Tassinari credited iSpot for enabling DriveTime’s transformation and efficiency gains in TV advertising. From eliminating the need to compile local market survey data to providing insightful dashboards, iSpot has been instrumental in DriveTime’s success.  

For marketers aiming to navigate the complexities of TV advertising effectively, Tassinari’s approach offers a blueprint for success: adopt data-driven strategies, implement practical frameworks, and nurture strategic partnerships to achieve measurable improvements in advertising performance.  Watch the full TV Disrupt Session on demand to uncover strategies for measuring incrementality, optimizing reach and frequency, and driving business outcomes through data-driven decisions.