Wireless Industry TV Ad Performance Breakdown

Inside the Report

Like many TV ad industries, wireless brands emphasize impressions during football season. Not only does NFL programming enable more reach, but Q1 and Q4 are also when consumers are most likely looking for new mobile devices and/or wireless plans. Q4 wireless spots also tie into holiday buying, as newly-released devices become an increasingly popular gift idea.

Download this report to learn how the wireless industry is approaching TV advertising in 2022. You’ll get insights behind notable wireless TV ad trends, including the networks, brands and TV creatives that have fared best so far in 2022.

Report Highlights:

  • T-Mobile once again claimed the top spot as the most-seen wireless brand in H1 2022
  • Boost Mobile had the biggest rank change (+6) year-over-year among the top 10 most-seen wireless brands
  • The three most likable wireless ads relied on humor to grab attention