How Retail Brands Have Cashed in on TV in 2022

Inside the Report

2022 has welcomed a return to normal messaging and timing for Retail TV ads after a heavy focus on ecommerce and curbside pick-up brought on by the pandemic. With inflation here and a possible recession looming, consumers will be eager to find savings – something Retail brands will certainly hit on in their TV spots come the holidays in Q4. 

Download this report to learn how the Retail industry is approaching TV advertising in 2022. You’ll get insights behind notable Retail TV ad trends, including the networks, brands and TV creatives that have fared best so far in 2022.

Report highlights:

  • Walmart claimed the top spot as the most-seen Retail brand in H1 2022
  • Wayfair had the biggest rank change (+8) year-over-year among the top 10 most-seen Retail brands
  • The top Retail ads consistently used Wholesome and Heartfelt themes in their spots to show customer value