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2024 March Madness TV Transparency Report

Inside the Report

As March Madness wraps up, the excitement continues off the court as brands dissect the extensive reach and impact of their TV ad campaigns. This year, the NCAA tournaments transcended basketball, evolving into a platform for strategic advertising and groundbreaking viewer engagement throughout all 167 games.

The 2024 March Madness TV Transparency Report from iSpot provides an in-depth analysis of how top TV advertisers capitalized on this massive event. With an impressive 14.1% increase in household TV ad impressions for the men’s tournament and a staggering 103.5% rise for the women’s, marketers were keen to maximize visibility during these high-stakes games.

Some key takeaways include:

  • Pizza Hut, The Home Depot, and Capital One produced the top three most Likeable NCAA sponsor ads.
  • Caitlin Clark’s on-court dominance resulted in a 401% increase for Iowa’s games over the women’s tournament average.
  • Brand visibility surged in the women’s tournament with automakers, insurance and home improvement industries leading in TV ad impressions.