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2023-24 Linear TV Season Scorecard

Inside the Report

Despite programming challenges brought on by strikes from the Writers Guild of America and the Screen Actors Guild, the major networks and programmers didn’t miss a beat in delivering ad impressions. In fact, the big four posted solid gains year-over-year in national linear ad impressions – particularly in Primetime viewership.

Looking back at the 2023-2024 Network TV Season, CBS led the pack in overcoming programming hurdles. Sports was a key element in keeping people in front of their TVs; with other key genres holding sway over audiences who might have otherwise fled due to the significant reduction of film and television premieres, which were down nearly 20% over 20221

Read our in-depth look at the 2023-24 television season to discover how strategic programming choices allowed networks to maintain, and even increase, their ad impressions despite industry-wide disruptions.

  • Data analysis of YoY changes in TV ad impressions.
  • Strategies deployed by the top four networks to navigate 2023’s stormy climate.
  • Network performance rankings of the top 10 in audience delivery.
  • Top brand categories ranked by share of voice across the season.

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