iSpot Integrates Facebook Topic. TV’s Most Comprehensive Ad Performance Reporting

Say hello to more comprehensive performance reporting. has integrated Facebook topic data and video views into its ad measurement platform.

Facebook Topic data is the world’s largest social data source, integrating this into the platform introduces the television advertising world to an immense amount of anonymous user-generated data, demographic insights, and ad performance measurement. And, with Facebook video consumption reaching 100 million hours daily, the new video views data enhances’s already robust platform, helping brands further quantify their reach and evaluate the impact of their TV advertising efforts on the second-screen.

Cross-Screen Measurement Taken to the Next Level

Enriched Social Engagement Data

Dating back to Jan. 1, 2016, performance reports and Digital Share of Voice numbers – the percentage of digital activity attributed to an ad – now incorporate Facebook topic interactions such as posts, likes, comments, referrals, and shares to give a complete view of an ad’s digital impact.

Social Actions

Boosted Social Audience Demographics

Enhanced audience demographics now reveal not just how an ad resonated, but also with whom. Quantify and validate an ad’s performance by its engaged audience using our male and female gender segments, and age breakdowns –18-34, 35-54, 55+. With boosted social demographics data, get to know the makeup of your audience at a deeper and broader level.

Audience Demographics

Online Views Just Got Better

By integrating Facebook video viewing data, more holistically tracks an ad’s second-screen engagement. Our total online views numbers give our users a comprehensive look at the relationship that exists between TV ad airings and online video views across Facebook, YouTube, and

Online Views

New Social Impressions’s new social impressions data helps you uncover the digital reach of a TV ad generated by everyday social influencers. By showing you the number of earned impressions an ad achieved through social actions on personal networks, advertisers can now go beyond the first engagement and see the number of friends and followers exposed to posts related to their ads.

Social Impressions